Miskatonic 4
Status: Active (closed to new players)

Atlantis Engine: v4.2.127
Rulesset: Miskatonic v1.0.35

Current Turn: #147 (March, Year 13)
Current Players: 2
Players Submitted: 0
Players Remaining: 2

Turn Frequency: All players submitted only
Time Elapsed: 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 2 days, 9.4300000000003 hours
Next Turn: n/a

First Player Submitted Reward: 50 unclaimed silver
Early Submitter Reward: 100 unclaimed silver (first 24 hours)
Atlantis Times:
     Article Reward: 100 unclaimed silver
     Rumor Reward: 50 unclaimed silver

The Atlantis Times
Turn 109 (January, Year 10)

- My lord, we have cleared the coast of the Enlormar Plains.
- It's a good news.
- Now we must clear the entire territory of Enlormar.
- But elves live on these plains?
- Elves must leave or die

     – Martiniks Trade Guild (9)

Atlantis Tools v1.108 (5/1/2023)