Miskatonic 4
Status: Active (closed to new players)

Atlantis Engine: v4.2.109
Rulesset: Miskatonic v1.0.35

Current Turn: #109 (January, Year 10)
Current Players: 6
Players Submitted: 2
Players Remaining: 4

Turn Frequency: every 2 days (or all players submitted)
Time Elapsed: 14.31 hours
Next Turn: 33.69 hours (Thursday, July 7th 2022 06:44:28 AM EDT)

First Player Submitted Reward: 50 unclaimed silver
Early Submitter Reward: 100 unclaimed silver (first 24 hours)
Atlantis Times:
     Article Reward: 100 unclaimed silver
     Rumor Reward: 50 unclaimed silver

Cisirith Dynasty[11]

The Creed of Slither[20]
  Orders: submitted

Martiniks Trade Guild[9]

Nekojin Empire[5]
  Orders: submitted

Red Phoenix[19]

The Unbound Formation[18]

Atlantis Tools v1.103 (12/29/2021)